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pin_powerWe are continuing with our journey through social media and this week I want to discuss our biggest traffic generator, Pinterest. We find its not just influencing our traffic numbers but also influencing how we present our products. How our products look on Pinterest can determine if they get re-pinned, which leads to clicks, which (fingers crossed) leads to sales.

Since Colleen started The Project Cottage she has been taking all the product photos herself. She learned early on how important good photography is when selling your products online. She taught herself how to take great pictures – the right light and where and when to find it, how to stage and position her products, setting up a small studio with lights and screens – and she takes really amazing photos! Her photos set us apart.

I’m a graphic designer and I come in when we need to digitally stage a product, by putting it in a room and giving it perspective and scale. We don’t misrepresent our product, we give our customer a better idea of what it could look like in their own home. Colleen and I also often come up with sets of products that we think would look awesome complimenting each other and would really pull a room together. But its difficult to photograph them together in a staged room with our limited resources.

We started researching what images do well on Pinterest, you can view a lot of these interesting statistics here and of course, they’re pins all over Pinterest you can look for. What is immediately apparent to me is the sizing, the long vertical pins draw my eye and are more suited for Pinterest’s design. The optimal ratio is 2:3 and the standard width is 736 pixels across – in my design eye, I could see our grouped collections working well in those parameters, as if grouped together on a wall.

Colleen and I have put collections together digitally before for an old catalog we wanted to do (see Projects we no longer had time to fit in our busy schedule or Summer), so it see seemed natural to do this for Pinterest but on a smaller scale. I started with our new boy’s Surf Set in Navy Blue and Orange and it took off from there. Its a fun set so it was cool to put the pieces together and get a really good visual.

But I digress, back to Pinterest. I set up the pictures to the optimal size for pinning. I wanted the background busy and saturated, but not too busy. The colors needed to be mixed, not monochromatic. Orange and red tones do better. Keep it bright. I’d also read it was a good idea to have your pins go to “landing” pages on your site – makes it even easier to track visits and also shows the user they’ve come to the right site when they immediately see the same image as the pin they clicked on. I hate clicking on a pin and being taken somewhere random, doesn’t everyone? For each room collection we designed, I set up a dedicated page on our site, the user click on the pin, gets to that page with the same image of the staged room and can now roll over the products to learn more, click on and purchase. Voila!

Personalized Surfer Dude Framed Print

A personalized surfer print made with your Surfer Dude in mind! $64 Click here

Set of 3 Framed Surf Prints

Surfing words to live by for the young surfer in your home! $165 Click Here

Surfboard Coat Rack

Choose size, colors & hooks! 48" Surfboard shown in Gray Mist, Fire Orange & White with Schoolhouse hooks. $119 Click Here

Shhhh, No Wake Zone Framed Print

Customize this Nautical frame for your nursery, choose your colors! Shown in Fire Orange and Navy Blue. $39 Click Here

Surfboard Wall Hook

Design Your Own Surfboard Wall Hook, choose your colors! Shown in Navy Blue, Dark Stain and Fire Orange. $34 Click Here

Framed Surfboards Print

A great addition to your surf themed room! $59 Click Here


Genius, right?

Well lets hope so. Since everything is linked we can measure not just the repins but also the clicks and (again, fingers crossed) sales.

Pinterest also loves DIY, so stay tuned to this blog as I write a step-by-step guide on how I recently striped a wall in my home and created a gallery wall and Colleen has a DIY on a kick-ass farm house table she made!

Thanks for reading!


PS. Here is another collection – to see all of the Collections we’ve posted so far, see our Idea Gallery


Framed Coral Print

Beautiful Framed Coral Print for your beach cottage, available as a set too! $89 Click Here

Set of 2 Framed Prints

Framed Octopus and Stingray prints. $149 Click Here

Surfboard Coat Rack

Choose your size, colors, and hook type! 48" with Navy Blue, Dark Stain, White and boat cleats shown. $119 Click Here

Navy Blue Whale Coat Rack

Design Your Own Whale, choose your colors, Navy Blue shown. $89 Click Here


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