Our Long, Cold Winter of Discontent

We’re feeling a little shut-in here lately at The Project Cottage. Granted, we are summer and warm weather people – you may have noticed a lot of our products are beach inspired and that’s on purpose because so are we! But this winter is getting a bit ridiculous here in North Carolina. Our kids are out of school again today, we’re in the midst of our second major storm in as many weeks and its only February. Will summer ever get here?

Ice Storm in North Carolina: I don't know if the palm trees are going to make it :(

Ice Storm in North Carolina: I don’t know if the palm trees are going to make it :(

I know many of you are probably thinking we’re wussies for complaining about the cold and snow so much, and you’re right, we are. I’m a transplanted northerner and have seen my fair share of winter weather. I lived in upstate New York for four years where it snowed pretty much from October to May. But my skin has grown thin, it seems much colder in an ice storm in North Carolina than it ever did in a blizzard in Ithaca, NY.

So on days like this when the weather outside is gloomy and cold and the forecast looks bleak, it can be hard to find the right inspiration I need to design and innovate. Colleen likes to say we get our best ideas when we’re out in our kayaks or walking the beach along our barrier island, both of which seem a million miles away today.

But we’ve been playing with some burlap and monograms lately and I think we’ve come up with some cool designs which would look great in any home – or make an awesome gift! We combined the vintage texture and feel of burlap with modern fonts and design to strike the perfect balance between old and new. So stay inside, stay warm and check out our new Burlap Prints section – I’ll be counting the days ’til summer…

  • Monogrammed Burlap Print
  • Personalized Burlap Print
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