A Bon Voyage at The Project Cottage

It is a sad day at The Project Cottage. Today we lose a trusted employee and friend – our studio manager Adam Chambers is off to new adventures, interesting places and bigger waves to ride. He is leaving to live out a dream, to live and work in Australia and continue on a journey he started when he first visited Oz years ago. Adam is drawn to this place and although its so very far, we support him and wish him the best!


Adam has been with us for two years, and in that time he seamlessly integrated himself into our lives – he knows whats up with our kids, helps take care of the animals, trips to the beach – he’s family. And like family, we like to brag about him: he’s a talented artist, accomplished photographer and wood worker, and he always has a project he’s working on. From body surfing hand planes to amazing underwater photography to eclectic paintings, being creative is who he is.

He has been an invaluable asset to us here at The Project Cottage, his expertise and skill have educated us in the ways of carpentry and fabrication. His contribution has made us a better business and better able to produce superior products.

I don’t think its really hit Colleen yet that he’s leaving, that come Monday he won’t be here like he has for countless Mondays before. “Some might think the mix of a fresh out of college kid with two (approaching*) middle-age moms wouldn’t work, but we hit if off – sharing laughs and music and friendship easily.” Colleen continues, “I know, I’ll miss him so much, but I admire his ambitious spirit and courage to follow a dream. Not only do I consider him a good friend but I respect him as an artist. His painting and surf photography are truly amazing.”

Adam will soon be in his new home, Byron Bay, Australia pursuing an advanced degree in woodworking and the perfect wave. We expect big things and to be kept posted on his life and new endeavors. Meanwhile, he’s always got a family here on the NC coast rooting for him and wishing him well – and hoping one day to see him again :-)

A gallery of Adam’s Work & Times:

Bon Voyage my friend!


*Okay, I put in the word “approaching”… but really, what age is middle age these days… The train may be in the station, but we haven’t left yet ;-)

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